45 min


"Data Analyst" is a job that's currently in high demand, and it makes sense: the salaries are very attractive. The most important skill in this job is data visualization or "dataviz".


We have developed a dashboard, reporting and data visualisation solution that is intuitive and accessible to non-technical users.


Sign up for the Dataviz Masterclass so that you're empowered to learn how to use this business and performance management solution.


After a short 5-minute introduction, you will benefit from an in-depth training session led by our Senior Customer Success Team, Merel Wijnands & Elisabet Queralto Garzon, where you will learn, in real time, how to use the tool, how to integrate KPIs into dashboards, how to generate actionable reports...and more! 


At the end of this masterclass, you will have your first functional and ready-to-use test application.


The training on the 27th of September will be given in English.

The training on the 28th of September will be given in Dutch.

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Merel Wijnands
Senior CSM @ Toucan Toco
Elisabet Queralto Garzon
Senior CSM @ Toucan Toco

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