36 Steps To Build Better Dashboards



After implementing hundreds of data visualization projects we've learned a thing or two about what it takes to build better dashboards. 


In this free template, CPOs and Product Managers can learn how to reduce the uncertainty and complexity in building their next analytics experience. It provides a step-by-step plan and actionable embedded analytics best practices that will help you frame your project. 


Jumpstart your project knowing where to start. Frame your project and set a solid foundation. Arm yourself and in turn your team with better dashboards. Leverage the art of data storytelling with the right supporting data architecture. Finally, be able to build visualizations according to defined user needs and requirements.


Get actionable embedded analytics best practices for CPOs or product managers, today. Download the SaaS CPO checklist today!

Get answers to your pressing questions including:

  • Why should you design outcome-oriented dashboards for your product?
  • How to build the right supporting data architecture
  • What visualizations will fit your user's requirements?
  • Why must companies think beyond charts?
  • How to apply a 0 bug policy, test coverage, & implement CI/CD requirements
  • Why should a CPO always build a future-proof API?

Download the SaaS CPO checklist today! 

CPO Checklist Clipboard


The SaaS CPO Checklist

How to build engaging and scalable dashboard experiences