G2's Usability Index for Embedded BI


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Usability matters, especially for embedded business intelligence tools. It is a critical aspect of designing and developing products that are user-friendly and provide a positive
user experience.

This report from G2 highlights the Embedded Business Intelligence Usability Index. It focuses on three key usability metrics: Ease of use, user adoption, and quality of support - the factors which contribute to a product's overall Usability score. 

By measuring these metrics, a company can swiftly understand how satisfied customers are. A positive user experience ensures that users can effortlessly accomplish their tasks and remain satisfied for an extended period.

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When it comes to usability,
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Toucan has the best-rated usability in the Embedded Business Intelligence market (according to G2). Download the report to learn about what puts Toucan above the rest! 


Embedded Business Intelligence Usability Index

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