SaaS Dashboarding Done Right: Empower Non-Technicals with Data

45 min


Communicating impactful insights, both internally and for your users, is critical for any organization.

This is especially true for StorySlab, a leading field sales platform that helps B2B organizations optimize every element of customer interactions. Whether it's equipping sales teams to showcase their brand expertise and product knowledge or leaders who need to measure and improve effectiveness, communicating insights to their users that are both easy-to-access AND easy-to-understand is vital.

However, it’s difficult to create differentiated dashboarding experiences for users when it's neither a core competency OR a core roadmap priority. With clunky in-house dashboards that were difficult to maintain, the StorySlab team searched for a solution that would turn their user-facing analytics into a powerful differentiator.

Join three SaaS leaders as they share this story and exhibit how to:

- Interweave data into your business processes to optimize and streamline success at scale
- Empower non-technical decision makers with easy to access, easy understand, impactful insights
- Deliver a fully white labeled, partner-supported dashboarding experience that goes live <1 month
- Do this all without compromising on cost OR core priorities

Join us on-demand for this interactive discussion to understand if a powerful embedded analytics solution is a fit for you.


Dan Scrimale
President & CTO @ StorySlab
Hans Fuller
Founder & CEO @ StorySlab
Charles Miglietti
CEO & Co-Founder @ Toucan Toco

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