Data Monetization for SaaS vendors: Stop making excuses, Start making revenues

45 min - Tuesday - October 5th - 10AM CET


As a SaaS vendor, we're willing to bet you're looking to: 


  • Justify your prices by bringing additional value to your users
  • Improving adoption and fighting churn
  • Doing a better job differentiating yourself from your competition 
  • Generating more revenues


If that's the case, you've come to the right place! 


In this webinar, we’ll examine how SaaS vendors can actually utilize resources you already have to turn those dreams into a reality thanks to the modern fuel: DATA


Have you ever thought about how much money you could be making by monetizing the data that already exists in your SaaS solution?


Before thinking it’s not possible, or it doesn’t apply to you, take a moment to reflect on all the companies who’ve created billions of revenues with their data: Amazon, Facebook, Google, Alibaba, Tinder, LinkedIn, SAP, Microsoft...the list goes on! 


As resident experts in data storytelling, we're here to equip you with insider tips & tricks to help  your customers benefit from better data insights.


Register now if you've ever thought:  


  • I know my users, they won’t pay for analytics
  • Deploying analytics is too difficult
  • The data already belongs to my customers, they won’t ever pay to have access to it
  • My data doesn’t bring enough value for my customers
  • Analytics is not a must-have feature
  • I’ve never heard my customers asking for analytics

Register now to watch live or on demand! 


Benjamin Levaillant
Head of Embedded Analytics @ Toucan Toco
Aidan Wood
Solutions engineer @ Bellrock

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