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Type Title Description Quantity Unit Cost (for licenses) Hours per Item Total Hours Total Cost for Item (in $)
FEE - Licensing The software to make the visualizations e.g. Tableau per user ($70/user/mo)
FEE - Licensing The ETL software e.g. Alteryx - 3 yr subscription pricing. $4,000 is per user price per year
LABOR - ETL Build connectors to data source Create processes which will connect the charting software to the data source(s)
LABOR - ETL Perform transformations Transform the data into an analytic ready state for charting
LABOR - UI Create dashboards Create the dasboard pages which will contain your analytics
LABOR - UI Create dimensions Create the dimensions by which measurement can be examined
LABOR - UI Create filters Create the filtering to include/exclude data by dimension
LABOR - Data Modeling Create data aggregations Perform the roll-ups of data so that you can compare to previous yrs , qtrs, etc.
LABOR - Data Modeling Create data model Build the star/snowflake schema data model for analytic performance
LABOR - Data Build drill-down/across paths Link analytics together so that users can drill down and across to explore causes
LABOR - Security Build security model Develop model to ensure that users see only the data they are permitted to access
LABOR - Visualization Create visualizations Build the visualizations to display the data such as bar charts, line charts, info graphics, etc.
LABOR - Visualization Create reports Build reports that use the metrics and dimensions to display the data in a tabluar format with rollups, sub-groups, totals, etc.
LABOR - QA Perform QA Inspect the analytics and all calculations for accuracy
LABOR - Management Build monitoring Develop the monitoring capabilities so that you can see engagement, performance, load status, failures, etc. across the entire stack
LABOR - Training Train users on new analytics 1-3 hours of training per user, the costs add up quickly
LABOR - Managing adoption Manage engagement Track overall user adoption (avg. 30%) and try to get it to Toucan standards (avg. 90%)
LABOR - Refactoring Refactor for mobile Convert the web-based dashboards to responsive mobile formats. Do for both smartphones AND tablets.


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