The Data Friction Cost Calculator

What is the true cost of data friction?

Data FRICTION is costing you
* not including the time to manage the project or the medication to control your constant headaches
Total Hours
Total Fees

Type Title Description Quantity Unit Cost (for licenses) Hours per Item Total Hours Total Cost for Item (in $)
FEE - Licensing The software to make the visualizations e.g. Tableau per user ($70/user/mo)
FEE - Licensing The ETL software e.g. Alteryx - 3 yr subscription pricing. $4,000 is per user price per year
LABOR - ETL Build connectors to data source Create processes which will connect the charting software to the data source(s)
LABOR - ETL Perform transformations Transform the data into an analytic ready state for charting
LABOR - UI Create dashboards Create the dasboard pages which will contain your analytics
LABOR - UI Create dimensions Create the dimensions by which measurement can be examined
LABOR - UI Create filters Create the filtering to include/exclude data by dimension
LABOR - Data Modeling Create data aggregations Perform the roll-ups of data so that you can compare to previous yrs , qtrs, etc.
LABOR - Data Modeling Create data model Build the star/snowflake schema data model for analytic performance
LABOR - Data Build drill-down/across paths Link analytics together so that users can drill down and across to explore causes
LABOR - Security Build security model Develop model to ensure that users see only the data they are permitted to access
LABOR - Visualization Create visualizations Build the visualizations to display the data such as bar charts, line charts, info graphics, etc.
LABOR - Visualization Create reports Build reports that use the metrics and dimensions to display the data in a tabluar format with rollups, sub-groups, totals, etc.
LABOR - QA Perform QA Inspect the analytics and all calculations for accuracy
LABOR - Management Build monitoring Develop the monitoring capabilities so that you can see engagement, performance, load status, failures, etc. across the entire stack
LABOR - Training Train users on new analytics 1-3 hours of training per user, the costs add up quickly
LABOR - Managing adoption Manage engagement Track overall user adoption (avg. 30%) and try to get it to Toucan standards (avg. 90%)
LABOR - Refactoring Refactor for mobile Convert the web-based dashboards to responsive mobile formats. Do for both smartphones AND tablets.


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