SaaS B2B: Why and how to integrate analytics into your offer?

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We’ve all heard that data is the new oil, but are we doing enough to leverage this precious resource?

A report by McKinsey demonstrated precisely how big a role data could play in a company’s business performance. 45% of high-performing companies have been able to create new business models, thanks to data. This points to a direct correlation between one’s data capabilities and measurable performance.

To stand out in a competitive market landscape, maximizing your data potential is absolutely necessary.  Therefore, ISVs, software providers, and internal IT teams must analyse their current position to identify where data could make a difference and adopt embedded analytics to address these opportunities.

Join us this coming to learn how you can also integrate analytics in your offer. Clement Puren, expert in Embedded Analytics, with give you all the secrets needed to succeed!


Clément Puren
OEM & Embedded Analytics Expert

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