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Powerful analytics don't have to be complex and frustrating.

  • Context is king: Toucan removes friction for users by providing context everywhere
  • Build once, deploy anywhere, instantly: all with a single click.
  • Built-in collaboration, ready for action! 

The insights you need, anywhere you are

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G2 Winter 2023
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Toucan helps hundreds of companies of all sizes, in every industry

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"We rolled-out our first dashboard in less than 2 weeks and increased our sales closure rate by 10%."

Amann Kasi - CEO

"Toucan has cornered the market on customer service and without them, we wouldn't be where we are today."

Courtney Toller - Developer

"We're saving 2500 hours of data consolidation per year & 700 store managers now have access to daily insights thanks to Toucan."

Patrick Dujeux - CEO